Configure the Auto Update Service

Use the Server Manager to configure the Auto Update Service, which automatically checks for newer versions of the Trusted Agent Server.

You can choose to install the Auto Update Service when installing the Trusted Agent Server.

To configure the Auto Update Service:

  1. Select Start > All Programs > Cherwell Service Management > Tools > Server Manager.
  2. Select Auto Update Service from the Server drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Configure button.
  4. Select the Ellipses button to select the connection the server should use to connect to the CSM database.
  5. Provide connection to the CSM database:
    ConnectionUse the ellipsis button to browse and locate the database to connect to.
    Login to CherwellChose one of these options:
    • Windows authentication: Use the Windows credentials for the account that is used to run the Trusted Agent Service.
    • User ID and Password: Provide a CSM user ID and password. This is usually an administrative account with broad system access, but don't use the CSDAdmin default account. Provide a blank password to allow the specified user to log in without a password. This only works if the user does not have a password. This is not recommended.
    Test Select to verify login information.
  6. Select Advanced Settings to change the update check interval (default value is 300 seconds), download folder, and application folder.