Export System Analyzer Data

Use the Export System Analyzer Messages window (accessed from within the System Analyzer window) to export data to share information across systems.

Data can be exported to .csv and .xlsx file formats.

Use the Up and Down arrows to organize the data in the pane. Data displays in this order in the exported file.

To export System Analyzer data:

  1. Open the System Analyzer from the CSM Desktop Client menu bar (Help > System Analyzer).
  2. Select the Export Messages button.
    The Export System Analyzer Messages window opens.
  3. Select the Browse button, and then navigate to a file location for the data.
  4. Use the Right and Left arrows to select the columns you want to export. Items in the Selected Columns pane are exported.

    All columns are selected by default.

  5. Select OK.

The data is exported to the defined file location.