Run the System Analyzer

Use the System Analyzer window to run the System Analyzer. By default, message tracking begins immediately. The System Analyzer only runs when the System Analyzer window is open.

Good to Know:

  • You can stop tracking messages at any time by selecting the Stop button.
  • If the System Analyzer is stopped, select the Start button to begin tracking messages.
  • Clear messages from the System Analyzer window at any time by selecting the Clear button.

To run the System Analyzer:

  1. Open the System Analyzer from the CSM Desktop Client (Help > System Analyzer).
  2. Optionally, configure the System Analyzer:
  3. In the CSM Desktop Client, reproduce the issue that you want to test. For example, open an Incident.
    A list of messages appear in the System Analyzer main pane.
  4. Optionally, navigate breakpoints using the System Analyzer toolbar:
    • Select the Pause button to temporarily stop processing operations.
    • If paused, select the Next Message button to step to the next operation.
    • If paused, select the Run button to run the System Analyzer until the next breakpoint.
  5. Optionally, double-click a message in the System Analyzer window to view details (example: Category, type, name, ID, and message).