Define System Analyzer Breakpoints

Use the Breakpoints dialog box (accessed within the System Analyzer window) to define breakpoints, which pause messages when a specific operation is found.

Good to know:

  • Messaging will not pause for breakpoints unless the System Analyzer is open and running.
  • During the pause, you can examine the data to determine if the application is functioning as expected, and then step operation by operation to see what is happening behind-the-scenes.
  • Delete all breakpoints from the list by selecting the Delete button.
  • Clear all breakpoints by selecting the Clear button.
  • Select all breakpoints by selecting the Select button.
  • If a breakpoint is cleared, the System Analyzer will not stop when the breakpoint is encountered during a process. This allows you to save commonly used breakpoints in the Breakpoints dialog for later use.

To define a System Analyzer breakpoint:

  1. Open the System Analyzer in the CSM Desktop Client (Help > System Analyzer).
  2. Select the Breakpoints button.
    The Breakpoints dialog box opens.
  3. Select Add.
    The Edit Breakpoint dialog box opens.
  4. Define the breakpoint.
    1. From the Category drop-down list, select a category (example: Business Object). To search all categories for the breakpoint, select (Any).
    2. In the Look for box, specify text (example: Name, ID, or any other text) to serve as the breakpoint (example: ServiceID).
    3. Select OK.
  5. Select OK.