System Analyzer Window

The System Analyzer window opens independent of the CSM Desktop Client (Help > System Analyzer).

Use the window to:

  • Start/stop the System Analyzer.
  • Run/pause the System Analyzer.
  • Manage message categories.
  • Define latency.
  • Define breakpoints.
  • View fields and values in the active Business Object.
  • Export message data.
  • Clear messages from the window.

In the main pane, view operation information:

  • Timestamp: Date and time that the System Analyzer intercepted the operation.
  • Category: Category of the message (examples: Business Object, table validation)
  • Type: Type of definition (examples: relationship, field)
  • Name: Name of the definition (examples: Incident Links Similar Incidents, Incident.ServiceID.)
  • Message: Description (details) of the operation.