Access Control

Under Admin > Access Control, the Members, Support Users, Roles, and Scopes pages enable you to manage access to the Neurons Platform.


When a company signs up for the Ivanti Neurons Platform, the first person who logs in becomes a member and is assigned the role of Administrator. Other people can be invited to become Neurons Platform members and use the features the Neurons Platform has to offer.

There is no connection between the list of users who are members of the Neurons Platform and the user data that’s imported using an Active Directory connector.

Support Users

You can invite support users to perform various support tasks, such as Deploy Patch, Detect Outages, Execute Script, Factory Reset, File Transfer, Install Endpoint Manager Package, Lock/Unlock Device, Manage Processes, Reboot Device, and Remote Control.

To invite new support users:

  1. Go to Admin > Access Control > Support Users.
  2. Click + Invite Support Users and enter values for the following fields:
    1. Email*
    2. First Name
    3. Last Name*
    4. Roles
    5. Scopes
    6. Expiry Time
  3. Click Add Another to add more support users.

  4. Click Send Invitations button. The invitations will be sent in an email.

  5. Click to perform the following modifications:
    1. Click Resend Invitation to send the email with the invitation again.
    2. Click Extend Expiry to increase the expiry time of the support user to perform the designated tasks. Available options are 12 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, and 7 days.
    3. Click Delete to delete the support user.

      If the member has already logged in, they will continue to have access to the tenant until the expiration time.


You can configure the permissions of your members by assigning them one or more Roles.

The Neurons Platform comes with several pre-configured roles that cannot be changed. If these roles do not meet your needs, you can also create custom roles.


Use scopes to define which devices members can see and manage. Administrators can create a scope containing a static list of devices or they can create a scope that works dynamically based on filters.

Members can have multiple scopes assigned to them. Scope creation and assignment requires the Access Control > Modify Scopes permission.

Scopes currently apply to only the following areas of Ivanti Neurons platform:

  • Devices
  • People
  • Smart Advisors
  • Dashboard components that get data from Devices or People