Navigating the Ivanti Neurons Platform

The main menu at the left-hand side in the Ivanti Neurons Platform provides access to the different components hosted in the platform, and the toolbar at the top of the page provides access to platform-wide features. If you also have a license for Ivanti Neurons for MDM, you can click down chevron icon alongside the Ivanti Neurons logo to switch to Ivanti Neurons for MDM. If you are using the same SSO provider, login is automatic, otherwise you will need your login credentials.

The features and components available to you depend on both the license you have, and the role you have been assigned.
For information about your license, contact your supplier.
For information about roles, see Access Control.

Toolbar buttons

The following toolbar buttons are available to the right of the toolbar.

Button Function

Search icon

Enables you to search for items in Ivanti Neurons such as devices, people, license transactions, contracts, and software subscriptions.

Notifications icon

Displays system notifications.

Help Center icon

Displays the Help Center.

What's new icon

Displays information about new features.

profile icon

Profile button, displaying the initials of the user who is signed in. This button opens the menu that enables users to sign out, change their password, and edit their name and locale.

Setting your locale

Your locale specifies the language of the user interface and the date, time, number, and currency formats used.

To set your locale:

  1. Click the profile button in the toolbar.
  2. From the menu that opens, select Profile & Settings.
    The Edit Profile dialog appears.
  3. In the Locale list, select the language and region you require.
  4. Click Save.