External Authentication (SSO)

External Authentication (SSO) enables you to leverage your corporate credentials to have a single sign-on to the Ivanti Neurons Platform. Utilizing your existing external authentication provider offers enhanced control over account security and policies, and alignment with other applications in use, which makes for a more consistent user experience.

Configure External Authentication

Configuring an external authenticator provider can be done at the time of initial Ivanti Neurons sign-up, or you can go back to set it up at a later date:

  1. From your Ivanti Neurons Welcome email, click the link to create a password.
  2. Once on the Ivanti Neurons password page, create a password, sign in and click through to accept the EULA.
  3. Sign in with your username and password, you are now given the option to configure and enable an advanced authentication method.
    Select Yes, Do It Now to continue with the set up.
    Alternatively, you can opt for No, Do It Later. You can set up an external authenticator anytime in Ivanti Neurons Platform >Admin> Authentication .

The steps required to configure external authentication will depend on the provider you are using. Ivanti Neurons currently supports the following authentication providers:

Delete External Authentication Provider

Deleting an external authenticator provider will mean that all members on the tenant will revert back to using their Ivanti Neurons Platform account username and password.

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