App Distribution Detection Rules

App distribution's package detection rules can help determine whether a package is already installed and therefore should not be installed again.

Configure detection rules in App distribution > App catalog. Add or edit an app, and select the Package tab.

Detection rules are only checked at the beginning of processing a package, and so a detection action will always be the first item in the builder if it is used. Detection rules run in the order that they are defined.

IMPORTANT: If any detection step resolves as true, package processing stops and the device's app state will display as compliant.

Here are the available detection rules:

Detection rule and action logging

App distribution creates a log file for each app deployed to a device. The log has entries for each detection rule and other package actions. If detection rules are not working as expected, use the log file to help determine why. Logs are stored on each device in this folder:

  • C:\ProgramData\Ivanti\Ivanti Cloud Agent\Logs\SWDApps

Each log file name includes the package GUID. If you edit a package in the App Catalog, you can see its package GUID in the web browser URL. This will help you find the log file you are interested in.

You can view a simplified log remotely from the App Distribution > Deployment Status page. Find the device and package you want to see, and on the right, select the action menu's View log option.