The Credentials page allows you to view, edit, or add credentials that allow access to cloud services. If the credentials were saved as part of creating a connector, the connector they are associated with is in the description for the credentials.

Editing cloud service credentials on this page affects the action credentials for the connectors associated with those credentials. To modify the credentials for gathering data, navigate to the connector page associated with the credentials and change them there.

Device credentials are used if you need to perform actions on a device with elevated privileges and you’ve disabled the LocalSystem account. They can also be used when the Ivanti Neurons Agent scans for other devices on the network.

Credentials for on-premises connectors can be viewed on this page, but must be edited from the connector associated with them.

SNMP credentials are required for SNMP enabled Discovery, for further details see SNMP credentials.

To edit existing credentials

  1. Navigate to Setup > Credentials.
  2. Find the credentials that you want to change and click the More Options icon in the far-right column.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Edit the credentials and then click Submit to save your changes.

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