Ivanti Cloud


Automation Fabric

Automation Fabric enables Ivanti Cloud to communicate with a wide array of systems outside of Ivanti Cloud. It can be used to retrieve information or to perform tasks. The user experience revolves around three concepts:

What can be executed – A user can select from a list of predefined, integrated tasks from systems outside of Ivanti Cloud. There is also the ability to combine these tasks into one job.

Who executes it –The tasks are executed by the Ivanti-hosted cloud infrastructure or by remote endpoints that have the connector server utility installed.

When it executes – Tasks can be scheduled for immediate execution. The following additional options are available on request:

  • At a specific time
  • According to a recurring schedule
  • Cron expressions
  • When a new endpoint comes online
  • When an endpoint restarts (every time or the next restart only)

For details about using Automatic Fabric, see Integrations.

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