Execution History

At Admin > Execution History you can find an overview of actions and scripts ('actions' for brevity) that were executed by the Automation Fabric service of the Neurons Platform in the past 60 days.
These actions can, for example, be part of a Neurons workflow, have been started as a Device action, or from Edge Intelligence.

Use Filters to limit the overview to results that are most relevant for you. Select Edit to display filter fields and specify the filter values.
You can also click on sections of the Action Usage or Action Status charts. This limits the overview to, for example, actions that were Aborted.
Click the chart again to remove the filter based on the chart section.
Select Clear to remove all filters.

The list overview provides information about the actions, such as where, when, and how long they ran, and how many devices were affected. Click on an action in the list to see more details.
Below is information about some of the fields, that may not be immediately obvious:

  • Type:
    • Icon, cloud - The action was initiated from a Cloud agent.

    • Icon, on-premise - The action was initiated from an on-premise machine. Select the line to see the Device Name.

  • Status - The current status of the action of script. For example Completed, Canceled, or Scheduled.
  • Devices Affected - The number of agents that executed the action. View the action details to see the Device Names.
  • Start time - Actual time the action started. No Start time is listed for actions with status Scheduled.
  • Tasks (action details) - Details about the tasks that are part of the action

The overview lists all scripts, but it lists only actions that resulted in a change on an endpoint or system that the Neurons Platform integrates with.

Depending on your role, you can also Abort or Delete actions from the overview. For more information about roles and permissions, please refer to Access Control.