Edge Intelligence actions

Ivanti Edge Intelligence actions enable you to quickly act on information you've received in response to your queries, or on an event you've configured in an alert.

Edge Intelligence comes with a range of built-in actions that are available in relevant query widgets. You can also configure custom Quick actions using one or more existing actions.

Start an action

You can start actions from the list view of a query widget. Click the ellipsis icon (ellipsis icon) and select the action you want to start.

The actions menu for the Firewall widget

You can apply an action to all endpoints in the list by using the ellipsis icon icon above the list (see image).
To apply an action to one endpoint only, use the ellipsis icon icon at the far right on the desired line in the list view.

Manage Edge Intelligence actions

By default, some actions are listed with most Edge Intelligence query widgets.
To customize the list of available actions for a widget:, click the ellipsis icon (ellipsis icon) in the query widget and select Manage.
From the Manage actions pane that appears, you can:

  • Unlink actions that are currently available for the widget
  • Edit custom Quick actions that are currently available for the widget
  • Create a quick action
  • Manage existing actions using the Ivanti Edge Intelligence Configuration pane.