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Real-Time Intelligence actions enable you to quickly act on information you've received in response to your queries, or on an event you've configured in an alert.

Ivanti Cloud comes with a range of built-in actions that are available in relevant query widgets. You can also configure customized actions using a combination of Automation Fabric integrations and/or built-in actions. For details about using integrations, see Automation Fabric.

Availability of features may vary, depending on your license and account privileges.

Starting an action

You can start actions from the list view of a query widget. Click the More Options icon in the far-right column and select the action you want to start.

The actions menu for the Firewall widget

If the action you need is not available from the current query widget, you can create a custom action or (if it already exists) link it to the desired query.

Select Add action from the menu in the query widget or follow the steps below to go to the Configuration page.

Configuring actions

Apart from the built-in actions, you can configure custom actions to create a tailor-made solution.

To configure an action

  1. From the search bar, click Settings icon and select Configuration.
  2. On the Actions tab, click Add new action.
  3. On the New action page, compose your action from available tasks and (optionally) variables.
  4. Save the action.

Linking actions to queries or alerts

You can link an action to a query to make it available from the query widget. Link an action to an alert to make it available as an automatic remediation for the real-time event when setting up the alert.

To link an action to a query or alert

  1. From the search bar, click Settings icon and select Configuration.
  2. On the Queries or Alerts tab, select the relevant query or alert.
  3. In the screen that opens, add the desired action(s).

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