Connector data mapping

Ivanti Neurons connectors map your imported data (also known as attributes) to target attributes that are stored in the Neurons Platform database. Target attributes (such as DeviceName) are common to all connectors, but the database has an extensible schema that enables a connector to import additional attributes that may be unique to the connector source.

Note that an imported attribute from a connector source may be mapped to more than one target attribute. For example, users.firstname from the Adobe connector can be imported into the target attributes of User.FirstName and (as part of) User.FullName.

Use the links below to download overviews (CSV files) of the target attributes per data type (business units, devices, and so on) and the connector source attributes that are mapped to them. Ivanti updates these CSV files each quarter to include newly added connectors.

Within the overviews, listed mappings for the Generic File (CSV) connector are limited, because this connector type by its nature enables you to create your own mappings. For details, see Mapping in the Generic File (CSV) connector topic.

Each connector topic also provides a link to a CSV file that overviews how the data imported by that specific connector is mapped to the target attributes.

Business units (less than 10 KB)

Devices (less than 1500 KB)

Entitlement (less than 10 KB)

Invoices (less than 10 KB)

Users (less than 100 KB)