Dashboards enable you to organize charts and data. You can create widgets that contain the charts or data you want to see, then size them and move them around. You can also mark a dashboard to be the default dashboard that your company sees when people log in to the Ivanti Neurons Platform.

By default, there is a customizable Dashboards page that you can configure. Click Dashboards in the left navigation pane.

Configuring a custom dashboard

Use existing charts or create your own to display on custom dashboards.

To add a widget

  1. From the Dashboards page, click Add widget.
  2. To display a preconfigured chart, set the drop-down list to Smart Advisors and click Add widget for the chart you want to add.


    To display a custom chart, set the drop-down list to Custom and click Add widget to choose the type of chart you want to create.

  3. Click Done.

To configure the data in a custom widget

  1. Select the widget and click More > Click to configure in the top right corner of the widget.
  2. In the Configure Widget dialog, create a title for the widget and select the data you want to display in the chart.
  3. When done, click Apply changes.

To resize or move a widget

  1. Click Edit Layout. Drag and drop the widget to move it, or use the handle on the corner to resize it.
  2. When done, click Finish editing.