DEX Scores

With the expansion of remote work it is more important than ever to measure and manage the digital employee experience.

The Ivanti Neurons Digital Experience (DEX) score is calculated based on a curated set of indicators, hybrid machine learning, and statistical models. The score ranges between 0 and 100, with higher scores indicating better experiences.

DEX Scores account for three levels and four domains of analysis:

  • The three levels have a hierarchical relationship: Device, People and Organization. Device DEX Scores are the most granular DEX Score we provide, and are rolled up into the People DEX Score, and further rolled up into the Organization DEX Score.
  • The four domains establish ownerships and accountabilities: Device, Service Management, Application, and Security.

For more information on DEX and how it works, see this Ivanti blog post: Measuring Digital Experience with Artificial Intelligence.

The data DEX uses comes from Ivanti Neurons connectors and agents. The DEX Score is calculated each time a device returns an inventory scan with a DEX indicator value that has changed. This generally happens once a day.