Neurons Bots homepage

The Ivanti Neurons Bots homepage provides an overall view of all Neurons Bots.

The grid displays the following details for all bots:

  • Alerts:
    action required icon The bot requires an action. The action required prevents the bot from running. Such as, a stage has been disabled.
    warning icon The bot has warnings. The warnings do not prevent the bot from running, but does prevent any edits from being saved and published. Such as, a stage has been deprecated.
    If a bot has both warnings and actions required then only the action icon action required icon displays in the column.
  • Name & Description: The name and description given to the bot when created in the Bot editor. You can select to rename or edit the description from the Actions menu. Click on a bot name to display the Neurons Bots results page.
  • Trigger Type: The bot trigger type; Schedule or Custom Action. Learn more about Triggers.
  • Status: The status of the bot; Active or Inactive. The state indicates whether the bot can be run or not, the bot must be set to active to be invoked either by a Schedule or Custom Action. To do this go to the Bot editor > Trigger settings > Trigger status and set the toggle to Active. Learn more about Trigger settings.
  • Trigger count: The number of times the bot has been triggered.
  • Last triggered: The date and time the bot was last triggered. For more target run and trigger details, refer to Trigger History.
  • Category: The bot category if one has been assigned to the bot at time of Save and Publish.

Create Bot

Select to start building a new bot. Learn more about Neurons Bots creation.

Import from Neurons (Feature)

If you have previously created workflows in Neurons (Feature) before the introduction of Neurons Bots, you have the option to import them.

You can only import one Neuron at a time, because each stage needs to be converted to the equivalent stage in Neurons Bots and may need some settings updated. If this is the case, you will receive a message to inform you of which stages need updating and why.


Select the check box in the first column of the bots grid and select Actions to choose from the following:

  • Rename: Select to rename the selected bot. The Rename bot dialog displays. Enter the new name for the bot and select Rename. A toast notification appears in the top right to inform you if the bot has been renamed successfully.
  • Edit Description: Select to edit the bot description. The Edit description dialog displays. Edit the description and select Save.
  • Clone: Select to clone the latest version selected bot. The Clone bot dialog displays. Enter the name for the new cloned bot and select Clone. A toast notification appears in the top right to inform you if the bot has been cloned successfully.
  • Delete: Select to delete the bot. The Delete bot dialog displays. Select Delete to confirm the action. A toast notification appears in the top right to inform you if the bot has been deleted successfully.
    Deleting the bot will permanently delete all versions of the bot and the run history. You cannot undo this action.

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