Trigger History

The Trigger history page provides an audit history of the run activity for a bot.

Access the page from one of the following:

  • Bots homepage > Trigger history button
  • Bots results page > Trigger history section > View details link

The bot activity is listed in chronological order, you can filter by the following:

  • Status: Pending, In progress, Success, Failed, Timed out, or Skipped.
  • Trigger: Schedule, Custom action, Run now.
  • Type: General or Survey.

Bot name (Version): The name of the bot and the version number. Click on a bot name to view the Neurons Bots Results.

Trigger Status: The status of the trigger: Pending, In progress, Success, Failed, Timed Out, or Skipped.

Trigger: The Trigger type: Custom action, Schedule, or Run now.

Triggered by: The name of the user that triggered the bot.

Target count: The number of target devices in the invocation. Click on the value to view the Devices in invocation page.

Target results: Breakdown of the invocation. Hover over the Target results bar to for the percentage of devices that are completed, skipped, failed, or waiting/in progress, in the invocation.

Started: The date and time the bot started.

Finished: The date and time the bot ended.

Run duration: The length of the time the bot took to run.

This detailed history is retained for 7 days for successful Actions and successful Queries and 90 days for failed Actions and failed Queries.

Devices in invocation

The Devices in invocation page displays when you select the value in the Target count column on the Trigger history page.

You can Search for a specific device name, or filter the list by State.

Device Name: The name of the device. Click on the name to display the device details in Devices.

Status: The device status in the invocation: completed, skipped, failed, waiting/in progress.

Primary Owner: The owner of the device taken from the Device details in Devices.

Started: The date and time the instance started.

Finished: The date and time the instance finished.

Failure Reason: The reason the instance failed:

  • Device offline
  • Device running previous invocation
  • A new invocation occurred while this was waiting to come online
  • A timeout occurred while waiting for the device to come online

Show Device Groups

Select Show Device Groups to view the device groups for the invocation. The Device groups in scope panel appears.