Neurons Bots creation

Ivanti Neurons Bots can be built in one of two ways; starting from blank, or from a preconfigured template. If creating a bot from the blank option you must first select the type of bot you want to create, based on the trigger; schedule or custom action, you then build out the bot in the Neurons Bots editor by adding stages. If there is a template that fits your needs, select to create the bot from template. New Ivanti Neurons Bots templates will be added regularly.

Bot creation from blank

Create a bot to add to your bot catalog. To do this go to Ivanti Neurons platform > Neurons Bots and select the Create bot option.

On the Create bot page you need to select the Trigger type for the bot you want to create; a Scheduled bot or a Custom Action bot:


  • Schedule: The bot runs automatically on a specified schedule. Using a schedule trigger lets you run a bot periodically against device groups to perform repetitive IT tasks without the effort. Example: You might want to create a bot that will automatically clean up old files on devices each week to maintain a healthy amount of disk space.
  • Custom Action: The bot runs when a custom action is manually selected from a device.

Regardless of trigger type, you can select a bot to run immediately by manually selecting the Run Now option. Learn more about Run now.

Bot creation from template

Ivanti frequently release new and updated out-of-the-box Neurons Bots templates. Deploy the templates to accelerate bot creation and value realization.

The Ivanti Neurons Bots templates are bot examples and must be tested before deployment.

Template Categories

  • Issue Prevention
  • Self-Heal
  • Sentiment Surveys
  • Human Triggered

After deploying the bot, the template may change over time, this will not affect the deployed bot. However, if you want to use the latest changes you must re-deploy the bot.

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