Neurons Bots Stages

Stages are used to build a bot. On the Neurons Bot editor page drag a stage on to the work area. The Stage settings panel displays for you to define the settings for the action or query. The stages must be connected stage connector icon to create the workflow in the bot, refer to Connection settings. You can select a stage from the Stages categories. You can also create Custom stages and User stages for use with the bot.

Stage categories

Stage variables

Variables can be used in the Stage settings to pass information between stages and pass the output of an action into the input of another action.

Inserting variables

To insert a variable open the Stage settings. Any field that supports variables will display the text Ctrl + Space. Select Ctrl + Space to select and insert a variable from the list.

There are templates ready to use with the variables. For more complex requirements, javascript is supported using handlebarsjs.

Stage settings

When you drag a stage onto the work area and it is highlighted, the Stage settings panel displays. Use the settings to configure and customize each stage.

You can customize the settings by using the User Stage scripting function. Learn more about User Stages.

Each stage is given a unique numerical ID. If the bot uses the same stage more than once, this ID can be used to identify the stages individually.

Click View stage information to display the Stage Information panel, which shows a description of the stage and all the associated properties. These can be used as criteria to filter the query results.

Enable the toggle for Result influences the DEX score to display the Surveys section on the device page.

If the settings for a stage have not been set correctly, or some information is missing, the stage will have a red border, as will the setting that needs attention. Once the setting has been correctly completed the red border is removed.

Deprecated stages

If a newer version of a stage in a bot is available, a yellow banner displays Action required: This bot contains x stage that has been deprecated. The border of the deprecated stage will be yellow.

Select Update to upgrade the stage to the newer version. Once complete, the banner is dismissed and the stage border will no longer be yellow.

Disabled stages

If a stage in a bot has been deleted and is no longer available, a red banner displays Action required: This bot contains x stage that has been disabled. The border of the disabled stage will be red.

You must remove the stage from the bot. Once complete the banner is dismissed.

Pinned stages

Use the Pinned category to group your most-used stages.

To pin a stage, hover over the stage, select the pin icon pin icon.

To unpin a stage, click the pinned icon pinned icon.

Stage Information

Use the information information icon icon on any stage to display a description of what the stage does, operating system specific information, and settings details.

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Custom Stages

User Stages