Neurons Bots editor

Once you have selected the Neurons Bots trigger type on the Create Bot page, the Neurons Bots editor page displays. Use the editor to create the bot by building up the stages. Stages can be a combination of queries, with filters and actions, for the query outcomes. Learn more about Neurons Bots Stages.

How to build a bot

  1. The bot will always start with the trigger that you selected on the Neurons Bots creation page.
    You can update the Trigger settings when you set the bot from Inactive (default) to Active. You can do this now or once you have built the bot. You can also change the Trigger type from within the Trigger settings.
  2. To build the bot, add stages to the work area. You can look for stages using the search, or by expanding the Stage category to see what is available. Learn more about Stage categories.
  3. Click and drag the required stage on to the work area. Once the stage is on the work area, the following functionality is available:
    • information icon Click to display the view Stage Information panel. This panel provides a description of the stage and a list of all properties it will return, for example device name, device model, event Id, event date.
    • connector icon Click to connect the stage to another stage. This is how you connect the stages to build up the bot. Stages can have multiple connections to multiple other stages, depending on how complex you want the bot to be. Once a connector is drawn, click on the connector line to open the Connection settings.
    • cut icon Click to disconnect the stage from another stage.
    • Delete stage icon Click to delete the stage from the bot.

    You can copy (CTRL+C) any part of the workflow and paste (CTRL+V) in the work area, or between browser tabs (Chrome only).

  1. Click on a Stage to see the Stage settings. Complete the stage properties to customize the bot. Any mandatory properties are indicated by a red asterisk.
  2. Click and drag the connector icon connector icon to connect one stage to another.
  3. Once you have completed the bot by connecting all required stages, filters and actions. Select Save and publish.
  4. You can save the bot as a draft at any time, click Save draft. If you exit the editor without saving, a confirmation dialog displays. You can select to save a draft, or discard any changes you have made.
    When you save a draft, the bot name displays with my draft next to it, to indicate the draft status.

Trigger settings

A Trigger stage is the type of bot, i.e. Schedule or Custom action. It is always the first stage in the bot editor.

To edit the Trigger settings, click on the Trigger stage in the work area to open the Trigger settings panel.

You must enable the Trigger to edit the settings. Switch the Trigger status toggle from Inactive to Active.

Once active, the settings available depends on the trigger type:

Connection settings

Click on a connector line to open the Connection settings panel.


A connector condition can help to filter endpoints as they progress through the stages. For multiple type stages the connector condition does not remove result elements so no data is modified.

  • Has condition: Select to use a condition to determine what endpoints continue to the next bot stage.
    • Has automatic description: Select to display the condition parameters on the connector line. Displays in the language as configured in the Ivanti Neurons logged in profile.
    • How many must be true?: Select All (and), or, One (or). Only applicable if you Add more than one condition.
    • Pick value: Select the condition value.
    • Results match: Select All or One. Only applicable if connected to a multiple type stage.
    • Select operator: Select the condition operator. Dependent on the selected value.
    • Custom value: Select the custom value for the selected operator. Dependent on the selected operator.


You can customize the connector line type, style, line thickness, link style, and color.


Labels can be added to the connector lines. Select Add Label to create a new label. You can customize the label by position, fill, outline, and text color. Select Remove Label to delete the label from the connector line.

Bot inputs

Bot inputs are created in the bot editor for use in a bot if you have a choice of action that can be taken. So you could have a general bot, but allow the analyst to select what action to take at time of running.

For example, on a Disk Clean Action you could have reclaim disk space field with options such as; delete temp files and make onedrive content cloud only, or, delete temp files and perform cleanmgr, or, do both.

You can configure the name, type, and default value of the input field, and whether it is optional or mandatory.

The bot inputs can be used when you select to manually run the custom action from the devices view or through Run Now. The inputs can also be used for a schedule bot, in this case, any bot inputs that have been created will display in the Trigger settings

Define variables

Define a variable at bot level. This variable is then updated when using the Set Variable, Common stage.

Learn more about Set Variable stage and Stage Variables

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