Neurons Bots editor

Once you have selected the Neurons Bots trigger type on the Create Bot page, the Neurons Bots editor page displays. Use the editor to create the bot by building up the stages. Stages can be a combination of queries, with filters and actions, for the query outcomes. Learn more about How to build a bot.

Stage categories

How to build a bot

  1. The bot will always start with the Trigger that you selected on the Neurons Bots creation page.
    You can update the Trigger settings when you set the bot from Inactive (default) to Active. You can do this now or once you have built the bot. You can also change the Trigger type from within the Trigger settings.
  2. To build the bot add stages to the work area. If you know the stage you want, you can use the search facility, alternatively, expand the Stage category to see what is available. Learn more about Stage categories.
  3. Click and drag the required stage on to the work area. Once the stage is on the work area, the following functionality is available:
  • information icon Click to display the view Stage Information panel. This panel provides a description of the stage and a list of all properties it will return, for example device name, device model, event Id, event date.
  • connector icon Click to connect the stage to another stage. This is how you connect the stages to build up the bot. Stages can have multiple connections to multiple other stages, depending on how complex you want the bot to be. Once a connector is drawn, click on the connector line to open the Connection settings.
  • Click to disconnect the stage from another stage.
  • Delete stage icon Click to delete the stage from the bot.
  1. Click on a Stage to see the Stage settings. Complete the stage properties to customize the bot. Any mandatory properties are indicated by a red asterisk.
  2. Click and drag the connector icon connector icon to connect one stage to another.
  3. Once you have completed the bot by connecting all required stages, filters and actions. Select Save and publish.


You can filter query results based on customizable properties. When you connect a built-in Query Stage to a Filter, the Property drop-down lists all available properties that can be selected. To view details of the properties go to the query Stage Settings panel and select Stage Information.

You can also use the Preview Query functionality to assess all targeted devices, and use the results table to view the format and range of values that can be filtered.

You have the ability to join multiple queries together in sequence. If this is done, all results are combined and available to filter upon, or use in Action Stages. You can change the comparison behavior of the connected filter so that it either applies either AND or the OR logic to determine the results.

Stage Variables

Variables can be used to pass information between Stages and pass the output of an Action into the input of another Action.

Inserting Variables

To insert a variable open the Stage Settings. Any field that supports variables will display the text Ctrl + Space. Selecting Ctrl + Space displays a drop-down list of standard variables to choose from.

There are templates ready to use with the variables. For more complex requirements, javascript is supported using handlebarsjs.

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