Neurons Bots versioning

All the versions of a bot are listed in the Neurons Bots results view. The most recent version is indicated with (current).

Select the Version drop-down to view a list of all versions. Select a version to see the bot trigger and device history, and stage results.

Create a new bot version

  1. On the Neurons Bots homepage, select the name of the bot you want to edit. The Neurons Bots results page displays.
  2. From the Version drop-down, select the version of the bot you want to edit.
  3. Select Edit version. The Neurons Bot editor page displays.
  4. The name of the bot is updated with a version numerical suffix (n).
  5. Make the required edits. To learn more, view Neurons Bots editor.
  6. Once all the edits have been made, select Save and publish, and return to the Neurons Bots results page. The newly created version is now listed in the Version drop-down appended with (current).
    Alternatively, click Cancel to return to the Neurons Bots results page. This will discard any edits and no new version is created.

Important: When you Save and publish the newly created version will become the current version of the bot. If you want to work on a new bot but not make it the current version, then select Save draft, a version of the bot will be saved with my draft in the name.
Once a draft version has been published the draft version is deleted, until you do another Save draft, at which point a new draft version is created.

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