Discovered Devices

All devices discovered by the Deployment Representative Agent, or a connector, are listed in this view. The following details are recorded:

  • Device Name: Name of the device.
  • Last Seen: The date the device was last online.
  • IP or MAC Address: IP or MAC address of the device.
  • OS: Operating System version, e.g. Microsoft Windows.

If there is percentage after the OS it provides a level of confidence as to which OS is running but is not an absolute certainty based on the device information received. No percentage indicates a 100% certainty of OS.

  • OS Group: Operating System group, e.g. Windows, macOS.
  • Agent: Indicates if an agent has been installed on the device.
  • Policy Group: The name of the policy group, if one has been applied to the device. Click on the name to display the Policy Group Detail page.
  • Subnet: Subnet IP that the device belongs to.

The option to Download Deployment Representative Agent is available if a new enrollment key is required to install further agents.

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