Ivanti Neurons for Discovery can accurately and quickly determine which devices are on your corporate network. Using the discovery features all devices that come online are detected, data captured, normalized and sent to the Ivanti Neurons Platform. The technology used ensures that discovery is always on and always listening, so that no devices go undetected and that there is no delay in receiving the data. It also ensures there are no scalability issues, no duplication and no failover concerns because it uses smart technology to self-organize and elect which device will listen and send the data back. If the elected device goes offline, the self-organizing process identifies a replacement self-elected device, so discovery is uninterrupted.


  • Rapid discovery of devices connected to your corporate network.
  • Flexible policy control.
  • Infinite scalability.
  • Analyze and normalize to produce a single accurate record of each asset.

Getting started with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Follow these steps to get started with Discovery.


  1. Target a device on your network, download and install the Deployment Representative Agent and the Options file to the same folder. (Admin > Discovery > homepage)
  2. Enable and configure the discovery scans and settings to start discovery (Admin > Discovery > Discovery Scans and Discovery > Discovery Settings)
  3. Data is gathered, normalized and reconciled providing a single unified view of device details (Devices)
  4. Create, assign and deploy agent policy to devices (Admin > Agent Policy > Policy Groups)

Discovery components:

  • Ivanti Neurons Agent: An executable file (IvantiCloudAgent.exe) to install the Ivanti Neurons agent. Installation can be done manually, or automatically; deployed by Neurons for Discovery, or via a 3rd party deployment tool.
  • Options file: A settings file (IvantiCloudAgent.exe.options) used to configure the agent. This file differs depending on whether you are doing Deployment Representative install or Default install and determines which engine capabilities the agent will have.

    Both the .exe and .options files must be saved to the same folder. If more than one executable or .options file is downloaded they are saved with a numerical suffix e.g. (1), (2).

  • Deployment Representative: A device that has the Deployment Representative Agent installed.
  • Deployment Representative Policy: The default deployment representative agent policy configuration.

Discovery install methods

The following agents install the discovery capability. However, before you can use discovery, you must configure the Discovery Settings.

  • Deployment Representative Agent
    Use case: You want to discover all devices on your corporate network and automatically deploy agents to devices using Ivanti Neurons.
  • Default Agent
    Use case: You already have a list of devices or imported them from a connector, and want to install the agent manually using a third-party deployment system such as Microsoft Configuration Manager.

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