Please be aware there are significant changes coming in Ivanti Neurons Agent Management. This will impact your Neurons Discovery workflow. For further details see Migrating to New Agent Management.

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery can accurately and quickly determine which devices are on your corporate network. Using the discovery features all devices that come online are detected, data captured, normalized and sent to the Ivanti Neurons Platform. The technology used ensures that discovery is always on and always listening, so that no devices go undetected and that there is no delay in receiving the data. It also ensures there are no scalability issues, no duplication and no failover concerns because it uses smart technology to self-organize and elect which device will listen and send the data back. If the elected device goes offline, the self-organizing process identifies a replacement self-elected device, so discovery is uninterrupted.


  • Rapid discovery of devices connected to your corporate network.
  • Flexible policy control.
  • Infinite scalability.
  • Analyze and normalize to produce a single accurate record of each asset.

Getting started with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Follow these steps to get started with Discovery.


  1. Ensure the Agent Policy has the Discovery capability enabled. (Agents > Agent Policies)
  2. Enable and configure the discovery scans and settings to start discovery. (Admin > Discovery > Discovery Scans and Discovery Settings)
  3. Data is gathered, normalized and reconciled providing a single unified view of device details. (Devices)
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