Agent Policies

The Agent Policies page displays a list of all system generated and custom policies.

The following details are displayed:

  • Policy: The agent policy name.
  • Version: The number of times the policy has been updated. The updates could be from directly editing the agent policy or making a change to a capability or configuration that is in the policy. For example, if you update Discovery settings, and the policy includes the Discovery capability, a new version is saved.
  • Agent Endpoints: The number of agent endpoints that the policy has been assigned to.
  • Modified By: The name of the user that last amended the policy.
  • Modified Date: The date the policy was last amended.


The following actions are available for each policy:

  • View : Select to display the Policy details page. Here you can view the Agent settings, Reboot experience, Capabilities, Enrollment Keys, and Agent Endpoints.
  • Edit : Select to display the Policy details page. Here you can edit the policy name and description, and the Capabilities selection.
  • Delete: Select to delete the policy. A confirmation dialog appears, click Delete to confirm the action.
    You cannot delete the predefined Infrastructure Agents policy.
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