Global Discovery

Configure the settings for when you want to do a global scan of devices outside of the specified IP range set up in the Discovery Scans page.

  • Scanner: Select the scanner from the drop-down list. This is the agent endpoint with the Active Discovery capability enabled, that you want to perform the SNMP and/or Remote Inventory scans. The default is Elected Scanner, which is the first agent endpoint that polled in. The name of the currently elected scanner is displayed below. If there is no scanner elected, or it is offline the text displays 'waiting for a scanner to be elected'.
  • SNMP: Select to scan all network devices using the Simple Network Management Protocol.
  • Remote Inventory: Select to scan all Microsoft Window devices every 24 hours to obtain detailed device information, reported in Neurons Platform > Devices. Devices that have an agent installed will not be included in the scan.

The Ivanti Neurons Agent must successfully check-in before these settings, or any changes you have made, will take effect.

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