Remote Inventory Settings

Inventory data is automatically received for all devices that have an agent installed, known as managed devices, However, in cases where you don't want an agent on a device but still want the deep hardware and software information the agentless remote inventory capability provides that.

A remote inventory scan detects all device software and hardware data such as space used, space remaining, memory, CPU, processes running and software installed. You must provide domain access credentials. The scan is run every 24 hours on all Windows discovered devices that do not have an Ivanti Neurons Agent installed.

Remote inventory scans are done on a threadpool of 32 threads.

The results can be seen in Neurons Platform > Devices.

You may need to exclude AgentlessMonitor.exe and Ldiscan.exe from your anti-virus software, as these files are downloaded and executed on the target devices that are going to be inventory scanned.

How does Remote Inventory differ from having the Inventory Engine installed on the target device?

The Remote Inventory performs an single inventory scan using ldiscn32 which is copied to the target device, remote executed and then deleted.

The command used to run the scan is:

ldiscn32.exe /PD /L- /F /o=<full pathname of ldtmp.scn>

  • Credentials

The Ivanti Neurons Agent must successfully check-in before these settings, or any changes you have made, will take effect.

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