Deleting Products from Intune

Sometimes you might want to delete versions of products that you have published to Intune. Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune simplifies this by handling any supersedence chains that may exist.

To delete products from Intune, your account needs the following Intune permissions: MobileApps, Delete and ManagedApps, Delete.

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To delete a specific version:

  1. On the Products tab, select the required product.
    The product page appears.
  2. Click actions button in the Actions column for the version you want to delete, then click Delete from Intune.
    The Delete Version panel appears, giving different options depending on whether the version has a supersedence relationship.
  3. If there is no supersedence chain, the dialog reports this. Click Delete. The version is deleted.
    If there is a supersedence chain, there are two options:
    • Delete Child Applications: Deletes all child versions in the supersedence chain. The versions that will be deleted are listed.
    • Reconcile Supersedence Chain: Deletes only the selected version and remaps any child versions to its parent to reconcile the supersedence chain. Click Preview to see a visualization of the change.

    When you have selected the option you require, click Delete. The deletion starts with the supersedence chain updated as selected.