How to Manage Products

Managing a product means that the product is published to Microsoft Intune. To manage a product, follow these steps:

  1. Select the product(s) to manage.

  2. Select Manage.

    This button is disabled if you select a product that is already managed.

  3. In the Configure Management panel, select the desired configuration options:

  4. Configure the Advanced Deployment Options:

    The Advanced Deployment Options are available only when Initial Publication Group Assignments is set to either Assign apps as Available or Assign apps as Required.

  5. Go back to Configure Management and select OK.

The products are now scheduled to be published to Intune. The publication typically occurs within a matter of minutes. Use the Status column in the Managed Products list to monitor the status of the import.

When starting to manage one or more new products, the count on the Managed Products tile is incremented and the count on the Unmanaged Products tile is decremented. However, if the management process fails, the count on the Failed Publications tile is incremented. Select the Failed Publications tile to view which products have failed.

Switch to Intune to verify that the products were successfully added to your Intune environment. At this point you can perform your normal Intune functionality on the published products. For example, view the product properties and perform edits using the existing Intune infrastructure.