Connecting Software Insights to Service Manager

Before you can log a reclamation ticket (Incident) in Ivanti Service Manager from the Software Insights component of Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence (see Software Insights), you need to configure the connection between Software Insights and Service Manager using the Software Configuration page.

To connect Software Insights to Service Manager:

  1. In Ivanti Neurons, create a connector to your Service Manager system.
    For more information, see Ivanti Service Manager connector.
  2. Click Admin > Software in the left navigation pane.
    The Software Configuration page appears.
  3. Under Service Manager, set the toggle to Enabled.
    The fields on the page become editable.
  4. In the Connector drop-down, select the Connector name that you specified when you set up your Service Manager connector.
    If your Service Manager system is on-premise, the read-only Agent Id field reports the Agent ID for your on-premise Service Manager; if your Service Manager system is cloud-based, this field is blank.
  5. In the remaining fields, enter the values that you want to appear in the corresponding fields in the Service Manager incident, (see below). Mandatory fields are marked with a red *.

Some of these fields in Service Manager accept only certain specific values, and other fields in your Service Manager system may have been made mandatory. Make sure you enter only valid values in these fields and specify values for all mandatory fields either on this page or in Service Manager. Refer to your Service Manager implementation to determine these values.

  1. Click Save.
    The configuration is saved. You can Restore Defaults if required.

Using variables

You can use variables in {curly brackets} in the Summary and Description fields to include values from Software Insight in the Service Manager incident. The variables available are:

  • {Version}
  • {Edition}
  • {Product}
  • {Vendor}
  • {DeviceName}