Software Insights

The Software Insights dashboards show you software data aggregated from the connectors you have configured in the Neurons Platform (see Setting up connectors). The device data from these connectors is de-duplicated, and then the software data is matched to an item in the Ivanti Definitive Software Library (DSL).

This means, for example, that if your discovered data includes instances of the following items:

  • MS SQL Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016

they are both identified as Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

Similarly, if all minor versions of a product use the same license, they are reported in the form 10.x; and if a product is a component of a licensed suite or bundle, requires no license, or if all versions use the same license, then the version is reported as Generic. If the discovery data is insufficient for the DSL to confidently identify the version or edition, it is set to (Inconclusive).

Matching discovered software with items in the DSL also enables the dashboards to identify which software requires a license and which doesn't, and which software titles are SaaS applications. Other than for the Software Instances tile, only software that requires a license is reported on the Software Insights dashboards.

The Software Insights dashboards also report upgrade opportunities and end-of-life and software usage information on the Licensable Software dashboard, providing you with information to make informed decisions about your software estate.

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Spotting end of life software and software suitable for upgrade using Software Insights, and why this is important:
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