Spend Intelligence configuration

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence is a separately licensed component that enables you to track and understand your on-premise and SaaS software liabilities and spend. This section describes how to configure some settings that affect the way it works. For more information about using the component itself, see Spend Intelligence.

To access the configuration pages for Spend Intelligence, click Admin > Software.

Integration with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

The Spend Intelligence dashboards help you to identify software that is not being used, so that you can consider uninstalling it and reclaiming the associated licenses (see Identifying opportunities to reclaim licenses). At Admin > Software, on the Service Manager tab, you can enable this integration and customize the ticket that is logged. For more information, see Connecting Software Insights to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM.

Configuring SaaS Management

At Admin > Software, on the SaaS Management tab, you specify which email domains are considered corporate domains, so that the SaaS Management component can identify external users of your SaaS applications. For more information, see Specifying corporate email domains.

Setting the system currency

A single currency is used to display all monetary values and for all financial calculations in License Manager. At Admin > Software, on the License Manager tab, you specify this currency. For more information, see Specifying your currency.

Software Insights performance: pre-calculating summaries

The charts in Software Insights show the results of several large calculations involving a large amount of data, which can then affect the start-up performance of Software Insights. To prevent this, if you have more than 9000 devices, the summary calculations are run daily and stored. A consequence of this is that the values in the charts may be up to a day out-of-date compared with the data in the associated data grids. At Admin > Software, on the Software Insights tab, you can change this behavior using a toggle switch. The options are:

  • Real-Time – disables the pre-calculations, resulting in slower performance
  • Pre-Calculate – gives faster performance, but the charts may be up to a day out-of-date

Changing this setting requires several minutes to take effect, as the system may need to recalculate or refresh a large amount of data.