Import sources

The best way of managing your license transactions, contracts, and price data is to import them from the Import Sources page using the template spreadsheets provided. When you import license transactions:

  • the software titles named in your transaction files are matched to software titles in the Ivanti SKU Library, to provide access to additional information about them, including identifying if they are SaaS subscriptions
  • software titles that are matched to SKUs in the Ivanti SKU Library where there is not a specific version associated (for example maintenance or Software Assurance licenses) have the version set to Non-specific
  • the individual transactions are grouped into a single row whenever the vendor, product, edition, version, and metric match
  • product types are mapped to either base licenses, subscriptions, upgrades, or maintenance
  • each time you import or delete data, costs are re-calculated

Transactions are often linked to a contract, but this is not mandatory.

You can add many import sources, each of which you can import multiple times to add new records or update existing ones. If you delete an import source, all of the associated records are deleted. Take some time to consider what import sources you want to create, and how you want to name them. The names and contents of the import sources can help you to visualize your software estate and also plan the management of the corresponding data in Spend Intelligence.