Spend Intelligence

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence is available only if you have the appropriate license from Ivanti.

Spend Intelligence comprises the following components:

  • Software Insights – understand what software you have, get insights into usage and end-of-life software, and identify opportunities to upgrade or reclaim licenses
  • License Manager – view your purchase history contract and license information, identify upcoming renewals, and monitor your software spend
  • SaaS Management – understand your SaaS subscriptions to enable you to manage them better

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Remember that if you ever installed a piece of software, then you needed to have a license for it. Also, always check the vendor-specific license rules to understand what conditions need to be met for license reassignment.

Roles and permissions

You need a separate license to see the Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence components, and some of the features are available only to users with the appropriate role. The roles used by Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence are:

  • Software Analyst: standard user with privileges that enable typical day-to-day operations, with no visibility of financial data
  • Software Asset Manager: provides visibility of financial data and access to advanced features such as the ability to create, update, and delete transactions

For information about managing roles, see Managing members and roles.