SaaS Management

The SaaS Management component gives you information about your SaaS subscriptions to enable you to manage them better. To see the SaaS Management component, under Software, click SaaS Management.

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The first step in using the SaaS Management component is to configure one or more connectors to your SaaS subscriptions. For information about this, see Setting up connectors. There are two types of connector you can use:

  • SSO connectors (Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Beta) and Okta)
  • connectors to certain, specific SaaS applications (Adobe, Microsoft 365 (Beta), and Salesforce)

If you configure multiple connectors, the data is merged to give you richer insights into your SaaS subscriptions. SSO connectors provide broad, generic data about the SaaS applications accessed through that SSO connector, whereas specific SaaS application connectors provide specific data about that application. Each connector reports information about different data, so combining multiple connectors gives the richest information.

When you import licenses using the License Manager component (see License Manager), the system identifies which license transactions are current subscriptions for discovered SaaS applications. It links these transactions to the appropriate SaaS application to help you to understand your compliance. From the specific SaaS application page you can then either unlink these transactions or link different transactions as required (see Linking and unlinking transactions).