Ivanti Cloud


Managing members and roles

When a company signs up for Ivanti Cloud, the first person who logs in becomes a member and is assigned the role of Administrator. Other people can be invited to become Ivanti Cloud members and see the user and device data that has been imported into Ivanti Cloud.

The Access Control page enables you to invite new users to access Ivanti Cloud, create and assign roles, and deactivate or delete membership.

When a user’s membership is deactivated, they’re no longer allowed to log in to Ivanti Cloud, though you have the option of reactivating the record at any time. When a user is deleted from the Members list, they’re no longer allowed to log in to Ivanti Cloud and the record is permanently deleted.

There is no connection between the list of users who are Ivanti Cloud members and the user data that’s imported using an Active Directory connector.

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