After you've imported information into the Ivanti Neurons Platform or deployed the Ivanti Neurons Agent, the device records appear on the Devices page. Access this page by clicking Devices in the left navigation pane.

Use the device details search box to search the device list for matching text.

Devices view search box

Alternatively, use the global search at the top of the page to search for users or devices, from anywhere in the Neurons Platform.

Use the column set button Column set button at the right-edge of the column header to customize which columns are visible.

To delete a device from the Neurons Platform, select the box next to the device and then click Delete at the top of the view. This removes the record for that device from the Neurons Platform. If the record was imported from another source using a connector, and the device record still exists in the source, the record may be re-imported the next time the connector runs.

Use the enhanced filtering and grouping features to find and organize devices you're managing.