Ivanti Cloud


Viewing the Devices list

After you've imported information into Ivanti Cloud or deployed the Cloud agent, the device records appear on the Devices page. Access this page by clicking Devices in the left navigation pane.

Display specific device records by selecting filters in the column headers. Click in the column header, select the type of filter, and then type the text to filter by.

Reset the column by clicking the column header again and selecting Reset. Refreshing the page in the browser clears all the filters.

View the details for a specific device by clicking the device name.

To delete a device from Ivanti Cloud, click on the device name and then click Delete device in the Device Actions panel on the right. This removes the record of the device from Ivanti Cloud. If the record was imported from another source using a connector, and the device record still exists in the source, the record may be re-imported the next time the connector runs.

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