Common Conventions

This application supports user interface conventions common to most Web applications.

Common User Interface Conventions

Screen Feature


Entry Fields

Type data into these fields, which allow the system to retrieve matching criteria or to enter new information.

Drop-Down Menus

Displays a list to select preconfigured values.

Command Buttons

Perform specific actions when clicked.

Check Boxes

A check box is selected or cleared to enable a feature, disable a feature, or initiate function for a list item. Some lists also include a Select All check box that lets you select all the available listed items on that page (and any remaining pages).

Radio Buttons

Select the button to select an item.


Data presented in tables can be sorted by ascending (default) or descending order within a respective column by clicking on a (enabled) column header.

Mouse overs

Additional information may be displayed by hovering your mouse pointer over an item.

Auto Refresh

Where present and when selected, the auto refresh function automatically refreshes the page every 15 seconds.

Scroll bars

Drag to see additional data that does not fit the window.


Click on the tab name to switch to different information related to the specific page or dialog.

Bread Crumb

Names the page you are currently viewing, that page's parent page (if applicable), and the navigation menu item that opened the displayed page. If viewing a page that is child of another page, you can view the parent page by clicking the bread crumb, which also serves as a link, allowing you to retrace your steps.

Most system pages support right-click.

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