Device Control Modules

The Device Control Modules provide access to the functions necessary for configuring and managing and are grouped into three modules, represented by the icons in the Modules section of the Control Panel.

The following table describes the functions of the Modules icons.




Device Explorer

device explorer icon

Grants access to input/output (I/O) devices for specific users or groups. Establishes copy limits and activates file shadowing. Allows users to encrypt removable devices on-the-fly for decentralized encryption.

Log Explorer

log explorer icon

Shows records of files transferred from any computer to authorized I/O devices and the contents of the files (shadowing). Shows user attempts to access or connect unauthorized devices. Provides templates to create customized reports.

Media Authorizer

media authorizer icon

Provides for central encryption of removable devices. Allows for users to access specific CD/DVD. Allows for users to use specific encrypted media.

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