Using the Reports Menu

The Reports menu displays options to save or print information about Device Control system operations.

The following table describes the Reports menu items and functions:

The exact options available to you depend on the license you have.

Menu item


User Permissions

Shows device permissions associated with one or more users.

Device Permissions

Shows users permissions for each device.

Computer Permissions

Shows permissions assigned to each user for the use of the different devices associated with a particular computer.

Media by Users

Shows DVD and CD types and encrypted media a selected user is allowed to access.

DVDs and CDs authorized for a user resulting from group membership are not listed.

Users by Medium

Shows users or groups allowed to use each authorized CD/DVD and specific encrypted media.

Shadowing by Device

Shows the users who transfer data from specific devices.

Shadowing by User

Shows the total amount of data transferred from different devices for all users.

File Groups by User

Shows one or more users and groups the assigned files groups assigned to file groups.

Users by File Group

Shows one or more file groups assigned to users and groups.

User Options

Shows all the user options defined in the system.

Machine Options

Shows all the computer options defined in the system.

Client Status

Shows the hardening options, client version, and log and policy file status.

Server Settings

Shows how your Application Server is configured.

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