Getting Started with Device and Application Control

You start with Device and Application Control by installing the application, which includes all server and database components, the Management Console, and the IDAC clients. Then you use the Management Console to define user and device permissions for encryption of removable storage devices.

You must begin the installation process with a clean computer that fulfills the minimum software and hardware requirements. You must resolve all hardware and software conflicts prior to installing Ivanti Device and Application Control solutions and install the latest operating system and database service packs. Refer to the following processes to identify tasks when installing IDAC.

  1. Preparation.
  2. Install Database.
  3. Install Server(s).
  4. Install Management Console.
  5. Export and Import Permission Policy Data (Device Control) or Export File Authorization Policy Data (Application Control).
  6. Install Client(s).
  7. Deploy Clients.

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