License Expiration

A license expiration warning message displays if you are a subscription user, when you log in to the Management Console.

The following table describes the types of license expiration warnings.

Expiration Period

Warning Message



The license has expired.


Less than one day

The license will expire in x hours.

The license will expire in x minutes.

Once per hour

Less than 60 days

The license will expire in x days.

Once per day

More than 60 days

No message.

Not applicable

If your license usage is 7% higher than your license count, you have 45 days to correct the license usage. After that period, IDAC client agents without a valid license are disabled. This means the specific clients won't be protected using IDAC any longer.

Once you are in the range of your official license count, the counter is disabled.

After the mentioned 45 days, all MacOS agents on an older IDAC client agent version will be disabled.

When you must renew or add a license, contact your Ivanti representative.

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