Organizing Columns for Display

You can customize the graphical display for columns in the Log Explorer module.

You can reorganize columns by headings only for the Log Explorer module.

  1. Select the Log Explorer module from the Control Panel of Ivanti Device and Application Control.
    The Explorer window opens for the module you select.
  2. Right-click the table header row of the Explorer main window.
    A right-mouse menu opens showing all available columns for display. The menu options shown vary according to the control module in Ivanti Device and Application Control you select and your license type.
  3. Select a column name from the list. A check beside the column name enables the column for display in the Explorer window.
  4. To organize columns, select Choose Columns....
    The Choose Columns dialog opens.
  5. Choose any of the following options from the Choose Columns dialog:
  6. Item



    Select or clear the check box for a column. You can modify the column width in the Width of selected column field.

    Move Up

    Shifts the column name description up one place in the dialog list.

    Move Down

    Shifts the column name description down one place in the dialog list.


    Masks the column display.


    Displays the column.

  7. Click OK.
    The Choose Columns dialog closes. The Explorer window shows the selected columns and associated attributes.

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