Resizing and Repositioning Panels

You can resize and reposition the Management Console panels.

You can customize the appearance of the main window as follows:

  • Drag a panel, by selecting the title bar, to any position on the main page.
  • Float a panel in any position in the window, to share the main window with open Modules.
  • Dock a panel to minimize the appearance in the main window. The docked panel appears as a tab at the edge of the main window.
  • Scroll across an active panel.
  • Close an active panel by clicking the Close icon.
  • Double click a panel title bar to return to the original position on the main screen.
  • Right-click a floating panel title bar to display a drop down menu to restore, move, size, minimize, maximize, or close the panel.

Use the icons listed in the following table to resize or reposition a panel:



unpinned icon

Float a panel

pinned icon

Dock a panel

scroll icon

Scroll left or right

close icon

Close an active panel

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