Manage Device

You can change user passwords for encrypted devices from the Manage Device window.

The following steps describe how to change your password.

  1. Click Unlock.
  2. In the Unlock Medium dialog, enter the password you used to encrypt the device.

    If the Support older product versions check box is displayed, and there are multiple Passphrase users on the device, you may select this option to use the new password to access the device on computers using older versions of Device Control.

  3. Select a User from the list shown.
  4. Click Change.
    The Change Password dialog opens.
  5. To change your password:
    1. Type your Old Password in the field provided.
    2. Type a new password in the Password field.
    3. Retype the new password in the Confirm field.
  6. If you select Advanced Options, the shaded options show how the device was encrypted, as described in the following table.
  7. Option


    Encrypted for portable use (2 TB limit)

    Allows use of an encrypted device on any computer running Microsoft® Windows®.

    Encrypted for internal use (no capacity limit)

    Allows use of devices only inside your network on computers that are managed by Device Control. There is no limit to the capacity for the encrypted device.

  8. Click OK.
    You receive a confirmation message indicating that the password change has been applied.

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