Using the Device Control Client

The client provides user access to encryption options for CD/DVDs and removable storage devices.

A user can encrypt and manage devices with the client, provided that the network administrator establishes the necessary device permission and user access policies with the Management Console.

  • Device Control Client Menu
    When you right-click the Device Control icon from the system tray, the client options menu displays.
  • About Encrypting Devices
    You can use the Ivanti Device and Application Control client to encrypt devices from your computer, without the assistance of a network administrator.
  • Using the Encrypt Medium Utility
    The Encrypt Medium utility provides a wizard that allows you to select encryption options to easily encrypt a removable storage device that can be used with or without a network connection.
  • Transferring Encryption Keys
    Users can transfer encryption keys between removable storage devices and computers by exporting and importing the encryption keys.