About Encrypting Devices

You can use the Ivanti Device and Application Control client to encrypt devices from your computer, without the assistance of a network administrator.

You can use the client to:

  • Open portable media.
  • Decrypt encrypted removable storage devices.
  • Manage user permissions for encrypted removable storage devices.
  • Encrypt removable storage devices for Windows and passphrase users.
  • Export an encryption key from a removable storage device to a file.
  • Encrypting CD/DVDs for Multiple Users
    Using the Ivanti Device and Application Control client, you can encrypt CD/DVDs for multiple users from a client computer.
  • Managing Device Passwords
    You can change and recover user passwords for an encrypted device from the Manage Device dialog of the client.
  • Manage Device
    You can change user passwords for encrypted devices from the Manage Device window.
  • Unlocking Media
    You can unlock an encrypted removable storage device attached to a computer running the client using the Windows Explorer.
  • Opening Portable Media
    You can open encrypted removable storage devices as portable media using the Windows Explorer.
  • Decrypting Media
    Using the Ivanti Device and Application Control client, you can decrypt removable storage devices encrypted by Device Control.

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