Device Control

Ivanti offers effective data security across endpoints and removable media with comprehensive enterprise-wide policy and granular control capabilities.

Ivanti data protection solutions proactively protect data from theft or loss through endpoint and device discovery, enforcing device usage and data encryption, and assessing data loss risk.

  • Device Control Overview
    Ivanti offers a complete portfolio of solutions for controlling the use of software applications and devices in your computing environment.
  • Using the Management Console
    The Management Console provides direct access to system management, configuration, file authorization, reporting, and logging functions.
  • Using Modules
    Device Control modules are based upon the type of user access or device permission rules that you want to establish. Using the Management Console you can access to the Device Control modules.
  • Using Tools, Device Control
    The Tools module consists of administrative tools for administrators to manage database information.
  • Using Reports
    Administrators use the Reports module to define and generate a variety of reports for both Device Control and Application Control.