Using Modules

Device Control modules are based upon the type of user access or device permission rules that you want to establish. Using the Management Console you can access to the Device Control modules.

Device Control consists of a series of task-oriented modules. Depending on the task, you may use one of the following modules in the Management Console Control Panel:

  • Device Explorer to manage all peripheral device classes and add permission rules for users and user groups.
  • Media Authorizer to encrypt removable storage media and authorize user access to CD/DVD media.
  • Log Explorer to explore and analyze user and administrator activity logs.
  • Working with Device Explorer
    Default permission rules are created and configured when you install Device Control. These rules include file shadowing and read/write permissions for some devices. An administrator uses the Device Explorer module to define new device permission rules for users, groups, computers, or devices.
  • Working with Media Authorizer
    The Device Control Media Authorizer module provides administrators the ability to encrypt non-bootable hard disk or flash removable storage media, and authorize user access to the encrypted media. Removable storage media are defined for Device Control as any device recognized by the Windows removable storage devices class through the plug-and-play feature.
  • Working with Log Explorer
    Every endpoint protected by Ivanti Device and Application Control generates activity logs for administrator and user-defined client actions.

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