User by Medium Tab

You use the User by Medium tab to add and remove storage devices from the database, as well as, assign user access to removable storage media.

You encrypt removable storage media when you use the Media Authorizer to add the devices to the database. The User by Medium tab consists of two panels:

  • Media

  • Associated Users

The following tables describe the columns in the Media and Associated Users panel.

Column Description
Description Shows the name for the removable storage medium.
Label Shows the user-defined medium label.
Media Path Shows the full path name used for encrypting the medium.
Media Label Shows the media label shown in the medium Windows properties dialog.

Column Description
Name Shows the name of the user assigned access to the selected removable storage medium.
Location Shows the computer location for the assigned user.
  • Assign User Access to Media
    You can authorize specific user access to removable storage media and CD/DVDs.
  • Remove User Access to Media
    You can remove specific user access to encrypted removable storage media and CD/DVDs.
  • Export Encryption Key
    An Ivanti Device and Application Control administrator can export the media encryption key to the removable storage medium or a designated file, when removable storage devices must be exchanged between users in different organizations.
  • Eject CD/DVD
    You can eject a CD/DVD from your computer through the Management Console.

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